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Gratis bloggen bei

Nice outside

The Weather is so nice and warm^^
gentle breeze and u can feel the softness hehe

yeah the summer is coming...

wish you a nice fullfilled day
22.4.06 20:13

This must be a great day!

This must be a Great Day...


- my MSN is Working ...... i have spend 3 months without it... it was so boring without MSN!!!!!

-i will call mellyb3b3 2day and we will laugh again....

- it will be sunny outside^^

and more reasons......

cge till here

Chill ya
21.4.06 00:14

Happy easter

I wish you HAPPY EASTER!!!!

have fun in celebrating it^^
17.4.06 16:33

Party bei Diler


wowoweee last wednesday there was a Party at Diler´s House.That made so much Fun.
We sang, danced and ate together. and we also tried the Shisha!^^

here is one example

and here is the rest of the group^^

yeah i hope we can join that again soon!
14.4.06 22:28

This must be a nice day

Hey guys...

how are you?
hope ya doing good.
As 4 me i´m fine here at home^^

well yesterday i took some pixx with my sister..
u can check them in da Photoshoot site

today i´m taking pictures again...
huh april started some days ago and soon mai is coming....
and then june...
wow sommer is coming so fast....
so i´m looking 4ward for summerholidays...
because i will meet so many friends from internet hehe

and i will go to berlin with a good friend of mine....

cge till here
babaii and take care of you!
9.4.06 15:12

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