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My Love

Hey to all and especially to my Babz.

I have found my Love of my life. My life is complete with him.
I can´t be without him.
I love him very much and i miss him so damn much.

I hope i can meet him soon.


Mahal na mahal na mahal na mhal Kita at Miss na miss na miss Kita.

Ikaw sa puso at isipan ko, at hindi ko alam anong ginagawa ko kung mawala ka!

Labz u so much
7.8.06 22:46



I am really sorry i didn´t update my Blog 4 a long Time.
But I was really Busy with other things in my LIfe.

well i started studying 4 my driver license...
and I am planning my Debut Party.

so Many things had happened and changed.
My Life is complete.
and I am Feeling Happy.

The weather here is ok. It is getting cold.
I have still holidays. and soon i am going to Berlin with my bestfriend Melanie!

ok till here
7.8.06 22:35


Hey @ all^^

well ok lang ako dito.. and how are u doing?

My tonsils are hurting again because of this fucking shitty weather here in germany!!!

I got home early about 2 pm hehe.
at home i tidied up a bit and after that i went chatting with my friends.....

at 5 pm or 6 pm i went with mom to prestigious band hehe
wel they are all watching tagalog films from internet hehe
and me .. well i don´t like anymore to watch movies.. so aunte Jingle allowed me to chat with her laptop

so nice from her

hmm well i can´t stop thinking about this one cute boy...
pero know what .... he doesn´t love me at all he is loving another girl..

well till here

don´t wanna talk about.. because it gonna hurt me so bad

good night and sweet dreams
1.6.06 22:54

What a stressful day^^


how ya doing? well as for me i am ok^^
school sucks.... had school until 2.30pm... and got home at 4pm.
i had a economy exam.... so difficult...
well i hope i will still pass the grade,.... pero i don´t know^^

the weather here sucks also... this fucked weather mixed of sun and rain and storm^^

and when i got home my mom was angry with me.. as always

i am getting bored in this shitty life.

i need to record me.. my aunt Vi is getting angry... hehe
she wants to promote 4 me^^

well till here

have a nice day
and take good care of you!
31.5.06 18:42


how are you guys? i hope you´re doing good^^
as for me, i´m feeling better than midday.

I was so feeling bad.. and also i maybe failed in my maths exam.

well i got to tell something.. i made a photoshott again with my little siZ^^

here some examples

well tomorrow.. my dad, mom, lil siZ and I are going to test our new i mean dad´s new car.... hehe
it is quite bigger than the old one...


uhkay till here

Take good care!
3.5.06 20:42

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