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Gud Morning

Good Morning

how are you? well as for me, I am doing fine.. only tired but it is OK.

I am so happy with my babz.. he makes my Life complete and he fills my life with joy and laughter.
I honestly love him.
I hope i can meet him very soon,coz my feelings for him is longing to see him.

I dream of him,
I think of him
i love him,
i don´t know what to do if he is not in my life.

and i am so grateful i have finally found my true Love in him.

My Life has a totally new meaning and he gives me Hope,
he gives me strength when I am alomost lost it all.

Mahal na mahal kita Babz! keep that in your mind Mahal!

and now to my Lovely Pinay Sizzles.

I am happy to have you my sizzles Mel and Chrizzy.
whenever u need someone just call me I´ll be there.
I´ll be there to help you , if you have a problem.
plse keep that in ya mind.

I´ll promiz I´ll do my best 4 you, dahil Pinay Sizzles Bestfriends tayo, Diba?

cge till here

have a nice day
9.8.06 07:26

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