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What´s up?

What´s up guys?

I am really Sorry that I didn´t wrote for a long time, but I was busy with so many Things.

Last saturday was my debut, better known as 18th Birthday.
It was really special and i enjoyed the party even many People didn´t join.
I hope my guests enjoyed the party like me.

The band was really nice. the 18 Roses and Candles had success. I didn´t expect that it would be sooo Nice!

4 today.... hmm i had 2 driving lessons this morning.
huh i was really nervous, but it was ok.
tuesday i have to drive again...

well till here

take good care
13.10.06 18:25

Hey guys

Hey guys

how are ya???
as for me i am doing fine

the party last saturday was so funny and nice... i really enjoyed it
even i was a lil bit drunk pero oklang

Today my aunt from Trier was here.. she gave me her Bday gift to me... and now we just chill here..
today is also the bday of my dad but he needs to work... poor daddy ko

ok i have to go now

till here
16.10.06 17:31

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