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I am really sorry i didn´t update my Blog 4 a long Time.
But I was really Busy with other things in my LIfe.

well i started studying 4 my driver license...
and I am planning my Debut Party.

so Many things had happened and changed.
My Life is complete.
and I am Feeling Happy.

The weather here is ok. It is getting cold.
I have still holidays. and soon i am going to Berlin with my bestfriend Melanie!

ok till here
7.8.06 22:35

My Love

Hey to all and especially to my Babz.

I have found my Love of my life. My life is complete with him.
I can´t be without him.
I love him very much and i miss him so damn much.

I hope i can meet him soon.


Mahal na mahal na mahal na mhal Kita at Miss na miss na miss Kita.

Ikaw sa puso at isipan ko, at hindi ko alam anong ginagawa ko kung mawala ka!

Labz u so much
7.8.06 22:46

Gud Morning

Good Morning

how are you? well as for me, I am doing fine.. only tired but it is OK.

I am so happy with my babz.. he makes my Life complete and he fills my life with joy and laughter.
I honestly love him.
I hope i can meet him very soon,coz my feelings for him is longing to see him.

I dream of him,
I think of him
i love him,
i don´t know what to do if he is not in my life.

and i am so grateful i have finally found my true Love in him.

My Life has a totally new meaning and he gives me Hope,
he gives me strength when I am alomost lost it all.

Mahal na mahal kita Babz! keep that in your mind Mahal!

and now to my Lovely Pinay Sizzles.

I am happy to have you my sizzles Mel and Chrizzy.
whenever u need someone just call me I´ll be there.
I´ll be there to help you , if you have a problem.
plse keep that in ya mind.

I´ll promiz I´ll do my best 4 you, dahil Pinay Sizzles Bestfriends tayo, Diba?

cge till here

have a nice day
9.8.06 07:26

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