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Hey @ all^^

well ok lang ako dito.. and how are u doing?

My tonsils are hurting again because of this fucking shitty weather here in germany!!!

I got home early about 2 pm hehe.
at home i tidied up a bit and after that i went chatting with my friends.....

at 5 pm or 6 pm i went with mom to prestigious band hehe
wel they are all watching tagalog films from internet hehe
and me .. well i don´t like anymore to watch movies.. so aunte Jingle allowed me to chat with her laptop

so nice from her

hmm well i can´t stop thinking about this one cute boy...
pero know what .... he doesn´t love me at all he is loving another girl..

well till here

don´t wanna talk about.. because it gonna hurt me so bad

good night and sweet dreams
1.6.06 22:54

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