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how are you guys? i hope you´re doing good^^
as for me, i´m feeling better than midday.

I was so feeling bad.. and also i maybe failed in my maths exam.

well i got to tell something.. i made a photoshott again with my little siZ^^

here some examples

well tomorrow.. my dad, mom, lil siZ and I are going to test our new i mean dad´s new car.... hehe
it is quite bigger than the old one...


uhkay till here

Take good care!
3.5.06 20:42

What a stressful day^^


how ya doing? well as for me i am ok^^
school sucks.... had school until 2.30pm... and got home at 4pm.
i had a economy exam.... so difficult...
well i hope i will still pass the grade,.... pero i don´t know^^

the weather here sucks also... this fucked weather mixed of sun and rain and storm^^

and when i got home my mom was angry with me.. as always

i am getting bored in this shitty life.

i need to record me.. my aunt Vi is getting angry... hehe
she wants to promote 4 me^^

well till here

have a nice day
and take good care of you!
31.5.06 18:42

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