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Gratis bloggen bei

Sunny Weekend

Hey friends^^

how are you? Hope ya doing fine!^^
well as for me, ok lang! hehe

the weather is sunny,but it is still cold. hrhrhr

well the whole weekend was about studying, chat, and talking with mellyb3b3!

yesterday i had a call from mellybebe. We talked 2 hours about Philippines and this coming summer.. that was so funny guys.

last night I slept on my new bed... i had a nice sleep time hehe

this afternoon I have to study again.. for Business and history.
this coming week will be so busy.
but only 4 days school... and then I have Holidays!!!!^^

wowoweeeeeeee party hehe

Till Here
Have a nice day!

Take care of you!
2.4.06 11:00

Mirror of my Heart

this Picture made me writing a song.

I´m so thankful to the person who designed it!

and here are my lyrics

"Without you, beside me
I can´t make it through
This pain, inside me
is hurting so bad

I always thought our true love
would never end...."

to be continued!!!
2.4.06 17:29

Salamat melly for that Pic

Hello guys

how ya doing? hope you´re fine

well today my dear friend send me a picture...
it is really funny...
look at it

hehe nice diba?

cge salamat melly

Cha <-------->Pinaystar
5.4.06 22:16

One day----->Holidays


what´s going on out there?

tomorrow is the last school day.... for this school set.
I will have Easter Holiweeks.
I need that break to relax and chill with ma friends.
but i also need that break to study.. for the coming exams.

the last few days and also 2day... i am a little bit sick...
I have colds.
well i hope i will get well soon.

My family including me of course, we are renovating the house and some rooms...
because we will have visitors in summer...

till here
babaii and good night and sweet dreams

5.4.06 22:26

This must be a nice day

Hey guys...

how are you?
hope ya doing good.
As 4 me i´m fine here at home^^

well yesterday i took some pixx with my sister..
u can check them in da Photoshoot site

today i´m taking pictures again...
huh april started some days ago and soon mai is coming....
and then june...
wow sommer is coming so fast....
so i´m looking 4ward for summerholidays...
because i will meet so many friends from internet hehe

and i will go to berlin with a good friend of mine....

cge till here
babaii and take care of you!
9.4.06 15:12

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