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happy terrible day

Hey guys!

today began so happy with a chat.
A chat with pinays and pinoys... like my cousin Yanyan or Melly and Vali... it made so much fun!
now come the terrible part of it.
My mommy was very angry again because i´m at the computer the whole time.
she said:"Charlotte, go study! hey naku always sa computer. Stupid chat!"
so i went Studing for my religion exam, which is very important.
so i am learning, learning...

for MYMP
Make ya momma proud

yeah i want to make my momma proud!

12.3.06 17:39

wednesday or also called "Beuscher day"

Hey guys

how ya doing?
well as 4 me,i´m ok!
2day i had the exam in econemy.
hai naku.. it was honestly terrible! I studied very much... but there were still some exercises which i didn´t know.
pero ok lang. i think it will be better than the first exam of this subject

This Day I studied very much for chemistry.. i hope i will pass it...
and i hope also it will not be so difficult.
Later I must go to a meeting .. here in the

ok that was my day... it was just usual as other days in my life.... it wasn´t great hehe

babaii take care
15.3.06 18:56

DELF---> Diplome etudes de langue Francais!

Hey Guys

today i got to know that


Yeah i´m so happy about it... the next goal .. the second Delf Exam in June!

well thats all i´m gonna tell u today!

20.3.06 22:28


Yeah gestern war eine SWR1 party in LImbach...

voll viel los gewesen und hat voll viel spass gemacht....

Hab euch lieb

bis dann
greez eure Pinaystar
26.3.06 17:37

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